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The Madison Historical Society is a great way to help preserve the town's past while learning about it. Click here for more information.

Photos of Recent Society Programs

Click here for the 2016 Annual Meeting held at the Madison Hotel.
Click here for the 2015 Holiday Wreath Sale 
Click here for the August 2014 Villa Lorraine Event 
Click here for Luke Miller Forge excavations by MHS students.


There are no current closing announcements.

Welcome to the Madison Historical Society Online

Madison's Most Wanted - Ellis Island

The Madison Historical Society has photos, letters, documents, and artifacts in the collection.  For most, we know the who, where, and when that define their context.  For others, we research and discover this information.  Some defy our best efforts.  They are Madison's Most Wanted.

Community Outreach Programs

Community outreach is an important service offered by the Madison Historical Society.  Society outreach programs are designed to acquaint our younger citizens with Madison's history and why the study of our history can be fun.

Monuments in the Park

They may be grouped together or solitary, in a park or a building, whimsical or serious. They are the monuments to people and events that dot the landscape of Madison. In 2006 and 2007, John Lawson and Lee McKnight set about to document them. Their efforts are documented in “Monuments in the Parks”.

To view the Monuments in the Parks document (in pdf format)  Click here

Did You Know...

1747 - The "Old Meeting House" was located at the top of the hill in Hillside Cemetery. Click here for more interesting dates in Madison's history.

Historic Photographs

The Madison Historical Society is now selling high grade photographs of historic Madison.  The photos are available in an 8x10 format. 

Civil War Journal

Follow the events of the American Civil War as seen through the eyes of Private Heyward Emmell. Read entries from Emmell's journal and the major events of the war here.

Renovation of Luke Miller Forge

The Madison Historical Society has raised $6250 through three Wreath Sales and House Tours to fund the renovation of the small brick building at 105 Ridgedale Ave. known as the Luke Miller Forge.


Click Here to watch videos of local lectures on Madison History, on RosenetTV!

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Newsletter Archive

Copies of the current and  previous issues of the Madison Historical Society Newsletter have been archived on our website server and are accessible for easy download.