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Copies of the current and  previous issues of the Madison Historical Society Newsletter have been archived on our website server and are accessible for easy download.

Available issues may be accessed by selecting on the appropriate links (in green) below.  Currently, the archive consists of Newsletters from the 2009 - 2010 through the  current program year.  Later, we may add earlier issues.  As new issues are published, they too will be added.

Note: The archived Newsletters are in .pdf format.  In order to view them, you must have Adobe Reader (or an equivalent pdf reader) loaded onto your computer. 

The following issues of the Society Newsletter are currently available for download:

April 2018 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                          Headline: MHS Presents Dr. Brian Regal Speaking on "“The Secret Life of the New Jersey Devil”              Spotlinght on History: "A very american Story" the evolution of the Wverly Tavern to the PS Pub to Four Seasons to Shanghai Jazz,

February 2018 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                  Headline: "MHS Presents Alan Siegel Speaking on "19th Century Disasters in New Jersey"                       Spotlight on History: "The Great Madison Disaster of 1877"                                                                          Looking Back in Time: "The Eightieth Anniversary of Friends of the Madison Public Library"

November 2017 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                  Headline: "Then and Now"                                                                                                                                Spotlight on History:  "Images of Past and Present Madison"

September 2017 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                 Headline: "MHS Presents Mark Di Ionno Award Winning Columnist for the Star Ledger"                         Spotlight on History:  "The Birth and Early History of the Madison Eagle"

April 2017 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                           Headline: "MHS Presents Pat Sanftner Speaking on "Alexander Hamilton, the Little Lion"                       Spotlight on History:  "A voice from Madison's Past, Arthur Buttenheim"

February 2017 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                   Headline:  "MHS Presents Professor James Carter Speaking on  'America's Entry into World WarI I'"     Spotlight on History: "America and Madison in World War I"                                                                           Looking Back in Time:  "Downtown Madison in 1967"

November 2016 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                 Headline:  "The Anniversary of America's Entry Into World War I"                                                                    Spotlight on History:  "America and Madison Prior to World War I"

September 2016 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                Headline:  "MHS Presents Dr. Jude Pfister Speaking on "Becoming James Madison"                                     Spotlight on History:  "How Madison Got Its Name"

April 2016 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                          Headline:  "MHS Presents Marta McDowell Speaking on "the White House Gardens"                                Spotlight on History:  "The Garden Club of Madison"

February 2016 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                   Headline:  "MHS Presents Rich Rosenthal on: The Precedents of the *Prefident - George Washington         Spotlight on History:  "The Underground Railroad in New Jersey, Morris County, and Madison"

November 2015 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                 Headline:  "Annual Holiday Wreath Sale and Benefit"                                                                                       Spotlingt on History:  "Did Washington Have an Encampment in the  Madison Area?"

September 2015 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                Headline: "MHS Presents Dr. Bruce Chadwick Speaking on ;The General and Mrs. Washington'"                  Spotlight on History: "The ;Nurse of the Century' Was a Long Time Resident of Madison"

April 2015 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                       Headline:  "MHS Presents Vincent N. Parrillo Speaking on 'The Ellis Island You Don't Know'"                            Short Articles: "Dinner to Feature Sojourner Truth Reenactment"; "Who Was Sojourner Truth"; and "Society Museum closer to Reality"

February 2015 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                    Headline: "MHS Presents Linda Barth: Inventing in New Jersey"                                                                     Spotlight on History: "March is Women's History Month"

November 2014 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                             Headline: "Annual Holiday Wreath Sale and Benefit"                                                                                         Spotlight on History:  ""TWAS the night before Christmas..."

September 2014 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                             Headline: "The Madison Historical Society is pleased to present two marvelous programs this fall"         Spotlight on History: "Madison in World War I"

April 2014 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                         Headline: April Program: "The History of Grace Episcopal Church of Madison”                                           Spotlight on History: "The High School Scrapbook Project"

February 2014 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                 Headline: First Spring Program: "Beatrix Potter's Gardenling Life"                                                                 Spotlight on History: "The Founding of New Jersey, A Brief History

November 2013 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                              Headline: Annual Holiday Wreath Sale and Benefit                                                                                       Spotlight on History: "Remembering the Kennedy Assassination"

September 2013 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                            Headline: First Fall Program: "The Presbyterian Church of Madison, 266 Years of Christian Witness"   Short Articles: "History from the Dumpster" and "Tours of Hillside Cemetery"

April 2013 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                        Headline: "Madison, Methodism, and  Global Outreach"                                                                               Spotlight on History: " Madison and the Post-WW II Housing Crises"

Headline: Spring 2013 Programs with Jon Gertner and Dr’s. Christopher Anderson and Vivian Bull
Spotlight on History: “Madison Heroine, Amabel Schraff Roberts”

November 2012 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                Headline: "2012 Wreath Sale at the Hartley Dodge Memorial Building"                                                    Spotlight on History: "Christmas in Madison and the Region Over the Years"

Headline:  "The War of 1812 in Two Parts"
Spotlight on History: "Bottle Hill's Role in the War of 1812 and a Letter Home"
Headline: "Baseball in New Jersey, 1855-1870" with John Zinn
Spotlight on History: "The First Cy Young Winner"
Headline: "The Railroad: Key to Madison" with Carmine Toto
Spotlight on History: Madison's Architect
Headline:  "Annual Wreath Sale to be Held on December 3rd at the House at Hartley Frames"
Spotlight on History: "Hartley Farms"
Headline:  "Lincloln and the Larger Meaning of the Civil War"  and "The Fighing 33rd: The Rebellious New Jersey Civil War Regiment" .
Spotlight on History:  "A Most Remarkable Document" 
Headline: "A Very Disagreeable War: Civil War Journal"
Short Articles: "The Terrible Toll of the Civil War" and "Madison and the Civil War"
Headline: "Programs Announced for Spring"                                                                                                                                            Spotlight on History: "Well Known and Less Kown Facts About the Hartley Dodge Memorial"
Headline:  "Annual Wreath Sale to be Held on December 4th"                                                                                                             Spotlight on History: "Gypsies: An Important Part of Madison History"
Headline:  "Luke Miller Dig Subject of First Program September 22nd"
Headline: "Dr. Perry Leavell Featured Speaker at Society Dinner"                                                                                                         Spotlight on History: "Madison's Connection to President Lincoln: William O. Stoddard"
Headline:  "The History of the Madison Fire Department"
Spotlight on History: "The Madison Fire Department
Headline: "The History of the Madison Police Department"
Featured Article: "Origins of the Madison Historical Society: 
August 2009 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                         Spotllight on History: "Crossroads of the Revolution"
March 2009 MHS Newsletter                                                                                                                                                                           Spotlight on History: "The French Connection"